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Meet our Trained Family Mediators

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At Connect Family Mediation, we help couples reach a peaceful compromise to issues which are in dispute between them following the breakdown of their relationship. We offer a safe, friendly environment for separated couples to talk openly and confidentially with a trained family mediator.

This can save time and money because mediation allows the couple to reach their own agreement, rather than having a decision imposed on them by a court. And the Legal Services Commission suggests that if you were to go through the courts, the cost would be several thousand pounds.

The cost of mediation is considerably less expensive.

Unlike most other firms, we don’t add VAT to our fees

When relationships break down, couples are faced with enormously difficult emotional decisions such as:

• Should they divorce?
• How will they manage the care and custody of the children?
• How will their breakup affect the children?
• What will happen to the family home after the split up?
• How will they share the assets?
• How will they begin to deal with everything?

Our mediators are highly trained and skilled in dealing with people whose relationships have broken down. They are completely impartial. They don’t judge or take sides and they don‘t try to get couples back together. They never give advice but they can give information, EG about other agencies, that may help couples to make the right decisions. Their function is to assist couples to reduce conflict and to improve communication between them. This in turn can increase the couples’ chances of long-term
co-operation, which is vital when a child is involved.

Mediation is available:

• at any time before, during or after separation or divorce
• to all parents (whether they’ve lived together or not)in relation to children, finance and property disputes
• to grandparents or carers where there is a family dispute about children

If your relationship has broken down and you have issues relating to children, property finance or a combination of both, we can offer you a sympathetic approach to resolving your problems at your own pace.